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  • Good for 1 year membership upon confirmation of submitted application below.

  • Pick up Doghaus Tag upon arrival to establishment any open hours.

  • DoghausTag is to be worn on dog collar AT ALL TIMES when visiting!  This is how your membership is identified.

  • Lost tags are subject to $5 re-tag --> Please avoid this by attaching Tag to collar upon first visit

  • Listed owners are responsible for any dog actions on-premise and maintaining up-to-date vaccinations.


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I understand that I am legally responsible for my dog and any injuries or damages caused by my dog.
My Dog’s Rabies Records are up-to date as mandated by Missouri Law, and it is my duty to renew vaccinations if they expire within the membership year.
I understand that the act of unleashing my dog (s) and being physically present inside the Dog Park involves risks of injury to me, other people, my dog (s), and other dogs, which risks are entirely my responsibility. I expressly assume all these risks.
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Hi New Member!Please let a staff member know you submitted your application on your next visit from your confirmation email. They will verify the info and give you your Membership ID Tags! Please note, your doggie must wear these at all times.

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