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Lights in the Dark

Reserve Event Space

Upstairs Lounge

  • Dogs are welcome!

  • Complimentary set-up time

  • Buffet and/or gift tables available

  • Photo Backdrop

  • Private Outside Balcony

  • Two restrooms

  • Two Large screen TVs 

  • Satellite bar for use


  • Dogs welcome On-Leash or Off-Leash in the Park!

  • Cornhole

  • Firepit

  • Need a table for a small gathering? Reserve one today! 

Sports Bar

  • No Dogs, please

  • Three Big Screen TVs

  • Full bar

  • Touchtunes

  • Sports Game Sound

  • Golden Tee

  • Serving Window to The Dog Park

Beverage Options

Many Options to choose from to customize your party needs:

A.  Private Bartender Cash/Credit bar

B.  Open Bar (Private Bartender)

C.  Bottle Service Bev station (No Private Bartender)

D.  Beverages Avail at Downstairs Bar (No Private Bartender)

  • Option for cocktail server rounds if appropriate for your event

E.  Soft Bev Station (No Private Bartender)

F.  Cork Fee (No Private Bartender)

Bottle Service Bev Station
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